Green license plates and black berets

I remember a story a friend of mine told me, worried about the differentiation between the students at the primary school her daughter attends.  A group of selected children are designated, “Followers of Che,” or something like that, and wear the black beret with the classic star and wear a different badge, whose worth they already know…

I don’t remember the details of the other activities undertaken in a differentiated way, but what drew my attention (normally I’m a very distracted person) was what I could see with my own eyes, weeks later, while riding in a car with a co-worker who told me that he was going to go by the school and pick up his daughter before we continued to our destination, and we arrived at the aforementioned school of my friend.  In the time I waited for my colleague to collect his boy it caught my attention that several of the children with black berets who were leaving the school, were riding in cars and motorcycles, many of them with a green license plate.  A picture is worth a thousand words…

Translator’s note:
Green license plates are issued to members of the army (light green) and Ministry of the Interior (dark green).


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