Daily miseries – Part 1

You have a difficult day.  While fighting so many problems without solutions, a friend comes to ask to borrow some object, maybe a tool.  You return to domestic chaos and in a little while forget to whom you loaned the object.  Time passes and it is not returned.  Your hopes of recovering it go up in smoke like your recently paid wages.  You can see for yourself that in your immediate environment there is someone capable of  robbing you to your face.  One more blow to your already battered innocence.  You torture yourself imagining that person enjoying what you worked so hard to get, thinking about you, laughing, calling you a shithead.  You make a long mental list of the things you’ve lost in similar circumstances.  Feeling a bit sick at heart, you raise a little higher the wall of distrust that separates you from others.


2 Responses to “Daily miseries – Part 1”

  1. Daily miseries – Part 1 | Cuba News Says:

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  2. Liz Hiden Says:

    America, Put down your I-Phones! Unless it’s Cuba calling.

    Cuba! How many Americans are truly aware of what has taken place in Cuba in the last 50 years, and before? Are we aware, and do not care?

    It is in our best interest as American citizens, regardless of background or ethnic origin, to obtain KNOWLEDGE of the dark history of this beautiful island nation. This nation which is still filled with much hope and promise from it’s citizens.

    The knowledge is our responsibility because we have the freedom to express our views so we can make a difference. We can, but tragically, the Cuban citizens can not. Any risk they take,( and thank God some take it), to express of thoughts and desire for change will result in fear of arrest or death.

    Fidel Castro, Communist, Marxist, or his favorite brand name, “Fidelist” , has been Dictator of Cuba for nearly 50 years. He is now in poor health, and reports speculate he will not survive the next 4 years. The handing over of Dictatorship to his brother Raul Castro, Second Secretary of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), and Commander in Chief (Maximum General) of the Armed Forces, in July 2006 has made little or no difference between the two brothers’ motives for Cuba.

    To help provide emotional, spiritual, healing, and human dignity to Cuban citizens, the citizens of America must have education, awareness, and understanding of this issue. An understanding which will provide the armor needed to properly discern and stand up against these evils from happening in the Cuba, the US, and everywhere.

    An attitude of complacency and apathy toward these dire situations will ultimately contribute to our own destruction, and the destruction of others.

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